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Glosferが運営する仮想通貨取引所のTHEBITonは、1月中旬にベータ版を発表する。3月にオフラインで始まるフランチャイズはTHEBIToffの名称で取引が開始される。GlosferはKorea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association(KBIPA)に正式加入の後、その取引すべてはSelf-regulation Measures for Cryptocurrency Exchangesに適合したものになると述べた。

Infinity Projectチームは「既存のコイン取引は迅速で安価なトレーディングのために、集中型に依存している。われわれはHYCONにアトミックスワップを組み入れる。それにより多くの仮想通貨が瞬時に取引できる」と述べた。

Glosferは蘆原区と提携し、地域に基づく仮想通貨Nowon Cash(NW Cash)を開発した。現地コミュニティーで取引できるNW Cashは商用化されている。蘆原区はボランティア活動を行なう住民に仮想通貨を提供する。住民はそのコインを現地コミュニティーで使用することができる。

キムCEOは「Nowon Cashは社会的価値を経済的価値に転換するという意味合いがある。またそれは、良い政策はコミュニティーに対して長く続く影響があることを確実にするものである」と述べた。

Glosferは韓国の大手ブロックチェーン企業である。同社はブロックチェーン技術に基づくオープンソース・プラットフォームを提供している。韓国の第1世代ブロックチェーン企業として、同社は仮想通貨取引プラットフォームならびに国際送金サービスのPACKUTHの開発によって現地市場に影響を与えるために、その活動を異なる産業に広げる努力をしている。同社はHYCONコインに基づいたInfinity Projectにより、公共機関と協力しながらブロックチェーン技術をベースにした透明で公正な社会の構築に貢献しながら、同社独自の仮想通貨エコシステムを確立、促進する。

Jaehan Lee, Manager of Marketing

Bina Cho, Creative Director
Chris & Partners – Partner of Glosfer

Photo – https://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20180103/2024306-1
写真説明:Glosferのテウォン・キム最高経営責任者兼最高技術責任者(CEO & CTO)

ソース: Glosfer

200 Offline brick-and-mortar Cryptocurrency Franchises set to open in March following successful Online Exchange launch from leading Korean Blockchain


SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ —

Hycon Will Be Listed in May

Blockchain company Glosfer announced it is due to launch 200 brick-and-mortar
cryptocurrency franchises enabling people to purchase directly in-store later
this year.

“We will open THEBITon, an online cryptocurrency exchange, in January.
Additionally, we are scheduled to launch our accompanying offline
cryptocurrency exchange, THEBIToff, in March; enabling people to buy
cryptocurrency in-store just as easily as they buy a lottery ticket,” said
Taewon Kim, CEO of Glosfer.

He added that the key to success of the 3rd generation of cryptocurrency is how
it will be used in the real economy.

“Bitcoin, the 1st generation coin, issued currency in a decentralized manner
helping us to restore our sovereignty. Ethereum, the 2nd generation coin, made
us realize that such technology can be applied to guarantee contractual
relationships. Now what matters in the 3rd generation of cryptocurrency is how
it will be applied toward solving real-world problems.”

Kim argued that cryptocurrency does not have to be limited to purchases online.
Offline purchases are already available, but it is only for bitcoin and dealers
are currently limited. THEBIToff intends to change the way that people interact
with cryptocurrency and bring it into the everyday lives of millions of people.

“Cryptocurrency depends on platforms,” Kim said. “We have been making
preparations to apply cryptocurrency in the real economy.”

THEBITon, the cryptocurrency exchange operated by Glosfer, will launch its beta
version in the middle of January. Franchises that will open offline in March
will begin trading under the name THEBIToff. Glosfer said it will comply with
all Self-regulation Measures for Cryptocurrency Exchanges after officially
joining the Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association (KBIPA).

The Infinity Project Team said “Existing coin exchanges depend on
centralization for fast and cheap trading. We will incorporate atomic swaps
into HYCON so that various cryptocurrencies can be traded instantly.”

Glosfer has partnered with Nowon-gu to create Nowon Cash (NW Cash), a
geographically based cryptocurrency. NW Cash, which can be traded in the local
community, has been commercialized. Nowon-gu will provide cryptocurrency for
residents when they volunteer. People can use that coin in the local community.

“Nowon Cash is about translating social values into economic values”, said Kim.
“It also makes sure that good policies have a long-lasting impact on the

About Glosfer:

Glosfer is a leading blockchain company in South Korea. It provides an open
source platform based on a blockchain technology. As a first generation
blockchain company in South Korea, the company strives to expand its activities
in different industries to influence domestic markets using its developments
such as PACKUTH, a cryptocurrency trading platform as well as international
remittance services. With Infinity Project based on HYCON coin, the company
establishes and facilitates its own cryptocurrency ecosystem while contributing
to making a transparent and fair society based on blockchain technology by
working with public institutions.

Jaehan Lee, Manager of Marketing        Bina Cho, Creative Director
Glosfer                                 Chris & Partners – Partner of Glosfer
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Photo – https://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20180103/2024306-1
(Taewon Kim, CEO & CTO of GLOSFER)

SOURCE: Glosfer